Jump n Juice is the home of the 20 minute workouts

Whatever type of workout you fancy, we have it! From HIIT to Pilates, weighted workouts to yoga, we have something that we know you will enjoy!

Jump n Juice is here for wherever you are and whenever you need us!

As a busy mum myself, I understand how tough it can be to squeeze in your own workouts. There’s always something else to be done or a childcare issue that needs attending to!

That’s why our workouts are just 20 minutes long.

20 minutes is just 1.3% of your day

It’s totally manageable and totally do-able

No leaving the house to get to the gym. No childcare required. Just 20 minutes out of your day!

Oh, and did we also mention that it costs just £10 month to be a member of Jump n Juice? £10 a month wouldn’t buy you a monthly gym membership but at Jump n Juice it gets you hundreds and hundreds of workouts (as well as access to our private health and fitness community, yummy recipes and even fat loss plans!). Did we also mention that there’s no contract, so should you wish to leave Jump n Juice (not that we think you’ll want to!) you can just cancel at any time with no fee or penalty.


There’s a whole new you right there. A new you that looks as good as she feels. A new you with a renewed energy and zest for life. A new you that is a smaller, more toned version of the old you.