• Claire
    14th January 2017

    My daughter and I loved. Xx

  • Tanya
    16th January 2017

    trying to join he live class but keeps throwing me back to he login page?

  • Louise
    2nd February 2017

    Tanya, sorry for the late reply. Have you since managed to access the live classes? Please let me know if you’re having any problems and I’ll get them sorted ASAP. Louise

  • Louise
    2nd February 2017

    Brilliant! I love doing them with Ella (and I think she enjoys doing them with me too!). Louise

  • Victoria
    1st March 2017

    enjoyed that one Lou, xx

  • Petra
    3rd March 2017

    Love the bolognese recipe and listening to Sandra chat about organic meat and veg. I’m going to look at getting back into the veg box thing.

  • Louise
    7th March 2017

    So glad you enjoyed the receipe! x

  • Susannah
    15th June 2017

    Loved the workout Kiera! V sweaty x

  • Helen
    1st July 2017

    Enjoyed that one – thanks

  • emma
    23rd July 2017

    I really like that LIIT Lou. It is a proper workout but keeps my trashed knees intact! Excellent,thank you x

  • Helen
    21st August 2017

    Love the weighted work outs !

  • Louise
    24th August 2017

    Me too! Definitely the best way to get some lean definition! L x

  • Louise
    24th August 2017

    I love LIIT for that reason! You can still get a great workout but be kind to your joints at the same time! L x

  • Helen
    24th October 2017

    Loved it a new fav !

  • Linda
    7th November 2017

    Love the format of this class

  • ruth
    15th April 2018

    My timetable is blank (it says no classes are available this month) – is this right?

  • Louise
    20th June 2018

    Our timetable should always be full of workouts! – 5 workouts a week!…sorry you’re having this problem, I’ll look in to it ASAP. L x

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