Like the sound of Jump n Juice but not sure what it is?

Well, You've come to the right palce!

So, Jump n Juice works like this:

  1. Decide you want to look and feel better
  2. Sign up to Jump n Juice
  3. Receive your 4-week reset detox via email
  4. Sign up to our private facebook group – this makes your journey a whole lot more fun!
  5. Follow the 4-week detox
  6. Follow our timetable of online weekly workouts
  7. If you fancy doing any extra workouts during the week then head over to our on-demand section where there are literally hundreds of workouts ready and waiting for you!
  8. After you have completed the 4-week detox then move on to our ‘Keeping It Real’ lifestyle plan and continue following our timetable of workouts.

Oh, and did we also mention that it costs just £10 month to be a member of Jump n Juice? £10 a month wouldn’t even buy you a monthly gym membership but at Jump n Juice it gets you a whole new lifestyle (oh and amazing results!). Did we also mention that there’s no contract, so should you wish to leave Jump n Juice (not that we think you’ll want to!) you can just cancel at any time with no fee or penalty.


There’s a whole new you right there. A new you that looks as good as she feels. A new you with a renewed energy and zest for life. A new you that is a smaller, more toned version of the old you.

Oh, Hey!

Welcome to Jump n Juice! We have all the tools to help make you LOOK and FEEL awesome!

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