Jump n Juice is a brand new and exclusive online fitness club designed to get you fitter, stronger and leaner! When you subscribe you receive our 4 week detox which is designed to kick start your weight loss along side our online workouts which will help build muscle and burn fat!

Simple: Louise, Sarah and Sophie will record a session live and then upload it on to the website so that you guys never have to do the same class twice! Pretty cool, huh?

Don’t sweat it! All of our classes are ‘live’ on the website for the full day and then move to our ‘on demand’ section so that you can catch up with them at the time that works best for you!

It costs just £10 month to subscribe to Jump n Juice although there is also the option of subscribing for 6 months (£55) or one year (£99)

Biased as it sounds – we’re pretty sure that you’re going to love Jump n Juice, but if you do decide that you’d rather head to the gym, then you just simply need to log in to your ‘My Account’ section, click on ‘Subscriptions’ and hit ‘cancel’. No major commitments – just simple and easy.

The beauty of online classes is that booking is not necessary: In fact, as far as we’re concerned – the more of you that join, the BETTER! In order to participate in a daily class, you just need to log in to your Jump n Juice account and go to the ‘latest class’ tab at the appropriate time. Check out the timetable for our live classes schedule.

Yes, absolutely! The classes are designed for people of all abilities and will vary every week. One week we may concentrate on your sun salutations, another week may be a guided meditation and the next may be a full yoga sequence so we will help you to improve your yoga practise. As with all of our classes it’s important that you work to your own abilities, taking responsibility for your body and accommodating any injuries that you may have.

It’s cool… Don’t worry! The whole point of HIIT is that you can push yourself to your limits, working to your own abilities – it’s not a competition – its about working as hard as YOU can in order to improve YOUR fitness so that you may continue to get fitter and stronger! Our instructors are always mindful that there are people of all fitness levels participating in our classes as so they will offer lower impact alternatives where they can!

The majority of our workouts are body weight only (yoga, Pilates and HIIT) although if you would like to try one of our weighted workouts then you will need some handweights (although if you don’t have any dumbbells then bottles of water or tins of beans will work equally as well!).

The whole idea that eating well is time a consuming, boring and expensive chore is a total myth. Sophie’s recipes are all about using seasonal, accessible and REAL ingredients to create dishes that nourish your taste buds, as well as your body. Some can be done in a matter of 5 minutes, and others may take longer – but will leave you feeling satisfied and surprised and how easy and tasty good food can be!

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