Quality, quantity, ratio

Quality, quantity, ratio

I’m reading a great book at the moment called ‘Fat Loss Happens on a Monday’ written by Josh Hills and Dan John. In it, it speaks about the quantity, quality and ratio of food we eat. It says that if we’re looking at just numbers on a scale, then it’s all down to the quantity of food that we eat (ie. Calories in versus calories out, portion sizes etc). The less we eat, the less we’ll weigh. The more we eat, the more we weigh! The quantity of food we eat equates directly to the amount you weigh.

However if we look at the quality of the food that we eat, for example a drive-thru takeaway verses a meal of chicken breast and broccoli then we are looking at our body compositions. The quality of our food will determine our lean mass to fat ratio. It will not necessarily affect the number shown on your bathroom scales but it will affect the way you look naked! Quality = body composition!

We then look at the ratio of food that we eat ie. The amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat. The proportions of which will affect your ‘fullness’ levels. Generally, the more protein we eat, the more full you will feel. Some people then find that they feel better eating more fats and less carbs and others more carbs and less fats, and as we all know, if we’re looking at weight loss and being in a calorie deficit then we want to feel as satiated as possible. This is where the ratios come in to it! Ratios = fullness.

Although I knew all this information already, when it was put in to the above terms it suddenly made even more sense. So, know what your goals are. Do you want to lose weight (look at quantity!)? do you want to ‘tone up’ then look at quality! And if you want to lose weight and tone up whilst feeling pretty full then we need to go for a mixture of all 3! Simples!!…..

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