Home Blood Testing – Discount Code

Home Blood Testing – Discount Code

Have you ever had your cholesterol levels checked? Do you know how well your kidneys and liver are working? The answer is probably no! Any why not? Well the answer is probably because you don’t think you have a problem and so there’s no need to go to the doctors to get a blood test to check it out! Well the clever guys at Thriva (www.thriva.co) have found a way around this! With their home blood testing kit, you can take a sample of blood yourself (they provide you with a small lancer which you use to prick your finger and then collect a couple of drops of blood in the provided vial), you send your sample off to them in the post and then less than a week later your results get emailed back to you. Seriously how easy is that?! The results are broken down in to your cholesterol levels (both LDL and HDL), your kidney function and your liver function…and if they find that there’s any areas for improvement then they also provide you with suggestions in ways to change your diet and exercise. It’s quick, professional and gives you a great analysis of what’s going on inside your body that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to figure out without the help of a doctor.

The guys at Thriva have really kindly given you guys a discount code to use towards a home blood testing kit. Type in LOUISECONDON25 at the checkout for 25% off your order!

And if your results recommend you get some more exercise, then you know just where to come 🙂!!

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