London Yoga Studios

London Yoga Studios

If you ever fancy a spot of yoga in London here are some of the best places to go:

1) YOGALOFT – Queen’s Park, West London Small and friendly, great teachers and lots of types of yoga (even scary Iyengar ropes on the wall!)

2) FRAME – various locations Frame revolutionised the London gym scene and made it FUN. Dynamic yoga classes + fitness & dance classes are on offer

3) TRIYOGA – various locations The biggest name in London yoga circles. Every teacher wants to teach there and every class is full to bursting with competitive alpha types. However, the workshops are excelllent and attract international teachers like Kino Macgregor

4) SANGYE YOGA – Kensal, West London I’ve been going since it opened ten years and while its not quite the mecca it used to be, it is a gorgeous place to practice

5) INDABA – Marylebone Indaba is like marmite, some love the idosyncratic teachers and community aspect, others find it too cliquey and the studio space too dark.

Worth checking out! + not a yoga studio but every Sunday morning Lululemon offer free dynamic yoga classes in their shops!


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