Peaks and Troughs!

Peaks and Troughs!

It has become blazingly clear over the past few weeks that health and fitness really does have its peaks and troughs!

During September my classes were absolutely full! People who had had one or two too many ice creams and cocktails over the summer were determined to get back in to their pre-holiday shape! I literally had to use every available square inch in my exercise classes to accommodate the hordes of people who were keen to get back to fitness. However, 6 weeks later, it’s a very different story! The days are shorter, nights are longer, the temperature colder and people are very much in the mind-set that they are going to put their fitness on hold until the January when they will launch the New Year with a new set of health and fitness resolutions! They favour warm cosy nights on the sofa with a hot chocolate over venturing out in to the dark to sweat their way through a HIIT class! But what they’re not thinking about is that we still have another 7 weeks until the new year and a lot of damage can be done between then and now! Don’t get me wrong – I am all for cosy nights on the sofa (but after I’ve done a workout!) and who doesn’t love a hot chocolate (I make mine with Cadburys Highlights and almond milk, if you’re asking!) but what I am saying is BE MINDFUL of the fact that winter is a long season and if it’s spent hibernating and filling up on comfort food then you’re going to have a pretty brutal starting point come January!!

Moral of this story?! Don’t be a peaks and toughs kinda person! Be one that embraces balance, consistently, in their life – your exercise classes are going to help release endorphins which are going to make you feel good!….and if you feel good then you’re going to look good!…..and come January you’re going to be pretty smug with yourself that you survived the festive season and that your bikini body is not too far out of reach!!….right, I’m off now, going to go and workout in a gym that I know will be half empty (well until January at least!…..)

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