We may not all share the same diet, but there is one thing us wellness warriors have in common – and that’s the morning ritual of downing a warm cuppa lemon water to kick start the day. Why?

  1. When we’re snoozing, our bodies are renewing. Yup! The liver has to work extra hard overnight so be sure to drink plenty of lemon water to really help it do it’s job right and flush out any toxins that have built up during the day.
  2. It gets those digestive juices flowing nicely around your stomach to ensure you absorb all the amazing nutrients in your food properly. Plus, it’s a great way to soothe bloated stomachs! Nothing better than that flat stomach feeling, right?
  3. If you’re feeling off, then a cup of vitamin C rich lemon water is hands down the best thing you can drink. Swap the sugary cordial or orange juice for this and you’ll be doing your bod a hell of a lot of good… Sip away!
  4. Lemon water is also a super effective way to achieve that enviable Victoria Secret model-esque skin. Think a blemish free, bright and dewy complexion that glows with health! As it’s a natural detoxifier, it cleans your body from the inside out to get you feelin’ braaand new.
  5. It also helps boost your energy levels the moment it works it’s magic on your digestive system. The fact we don’t drink for around 8 hours whilst we sleep means our bodies need lots of hydration in the morning, which is key for staying energised. You can resist that second coffee!

Don’t forget to drink your lemon water through out the day, too! If you’re anything like me and have a lil tendency to do this, then it’s always a good idea to keep a handy jug of lemon water on your desk to keep sipping on. Buy yourself a new sexy BPA free water bottle so you can fill it up with a slice of lemon before you head out the door – that way you’ve got a hydration station with you at all times.

You’ll be able to focus better and have more energy to take on the day…

I’ll drink to that

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